Recap of "The Great Debate"


Saving Medicare from the Ryan Budget

  • I will protect Medicare and insure that seniors receive quality healthcare by expanding the pool of insured citizens, and obtaining cost reductions from insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Remember, Medicare is not an “entitlement," we have all paid into it.

  • Pat Meehan voted to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program, forcing seniors to purchase health insurance from private, for-profit insurance companies.

Creating jobs and strengthening our Economy

  • I believe the key to deficit reduction is economic growth, and that investment in education, job training, infrastructure and technology will result in economic growth. Also, a fairer tax system will support these investments and ultimately lead to faster deficit reduction.

  • Pat Meehan has voted to slash investments in education, job training, infrastructure and technology, while retaining billions in subsidies for Big Oil and huge tax cuts for those who earn more than $1 Million per year.

New Video just Released: Who is the real Pat Meehan?